Beyonder Avengers Assemble.png


Name: Beyonder

Origin: Avengers Assemble

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic Alien

Age: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Island+ level (Surpasses Hulk strength) | Likely Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Multi-Wall level (Base) | Likely Higher

Speed: Human level (No Devices) | Trans-Sonic (Flight Speed of between 700-800 MPH)

Reaction Speed: Trans-Sonic (Scales to Falcon who is as fast as 750 MPH attacks)

Striking Speed: Superhuman level (Scales Above Captain America)

Durability: Unknown

Intelligence: Unmeasurable Genius (Exceeds 200+ IQ Range Casually being above Iron Man)

Destructive Capacity: Universe level (Possible via a destructive device) | Multiverse level (Possible via a destructive device)

Range: Universe level (Has the technology to travel the universe.)

Stamina: Unknown


Powers and Abilities:

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