Cosmic Cube Beyonder Marvel Comics


Name: Beyonder

Origin: Marvel Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Cosmic Cube

Age: Primordial

Lifting Strength: Unlimited

Striking Strength: Planet level (Base Physical Form)|Galaxy level (Non-Physical Form)|Universe level (Casual)|Universe+ level (Half Power)|Likely Multiverse level (at Full Power)

Speed: Omnipresent (Non-Physical/Whim)|Massive Faster than Light+ level (Via Physical Form)

Reaction Speed: Peak Human level (Self-Limiting Base Physical Form)|Massive faster than light (Base Physical Form)|Unintelligible (Non-Physical)

Striking Speed: Beyond Massive Faster than Light Speed level (Can strike at a billionth of a second on multiple planes of existence.)

Durability: Multiverse level (Embodiment of a Multiverse/Base)|Megaverse level (Scales above The Living Tribunal)|Likely Omniversal

Intelligence: Near-Omniscient

Destructive Capacity: Galaxy level (Casual)|Universe level (Casually with a thought)|Multi-Universe level (Whim)|Multiverse level (Base)|Multiverse+ level (Combined clashed power with Molecule Man)|Likely Omniverse level (A single cosmic cube collapsed a omniverse.)

Range: Trans-Multiverse level (Attack/Travel)

Stamina: Infinite level


Omnipotence,Omnipresence,Near-Omniscience,Time Manipulation,Erasure Manipulation,Reality Warping (Extreme High Tier)

Powers and Abilities:

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