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Name: Enerjak

Origin: Archie Sonic Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Demi-God

Age: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Small Building level via Telekinesis|Over 100,000+ Via Reality Warping

Striking Strength: Planet+ level (Capable of parring off against his earth heroes)|Universe+ level (Non-Corpeal form)

Speed: Massive Faster than light (Traveling)|Irrelevant (Teleportation)

Reaction Speed: Faster than Light Level (Was capable of beating Sonic the Hedghog along with most of Mobius)

Striking Speed: High Hypersonic level

Durability: Universe level+ (Stronger than both Sonic the Hedghog in his Super form and when the original Host Knuckles the Echidna and Sonic collided and collapsed and survived a Universe implosion)|Multiverse level (Non-Corpeal Form)

Intelligence: Super Genius level (Due to Immortality)

Destructive Capacity: Human+ level (Casual)|Planet level (Whim)|Multi-Universe level (Half Power)|Multiverse level (Enerjak's Highest Power)|Likely Multiverse+ level (Strongest Being in his Universe out beating the major villains)

Range: Multiverse level (Travel/Power Range)

Stamina: Near-Limitless


Powers and Abilities:

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