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Name: Enerjak

Origin: Archie Sonic Comics

Gender: Male

Classification: Demi-God

Age: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Planet+ level Via Telekinesis | Universe+ level (Half Power) | Multiverse level (Capable of holding a Multiverse in his Non-Corepeal Form)

Striking Strength: Planet+ level (Knocked Sonic the Hedgehog through the planet's core in seconds) | Universe+ level (Half Power) | Multiverse level (Non-Corepeal Form)

Speed: Massive Faster than Light+ (Capable of standing against Super Sonic the Hedgehog) | Irrelevant (Teleportation)

Reaction Speed: Light Speed (Capable of Dodging attacks from Super Sonic the Hedgehog.) | Possibly Faster than Light

Striking Speed: Faster than Light Speed (Capable of Striking Super Sonic the Hedgehog in combat)

Durability: Universe+ level (Stronger than Super Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna Head collision that collapsed and have them surviving a Universe imploding on them) | Multiverse level (Non-Corepeal Form) | Likely Multiverse+ level (Could have won if it wasn't for outside interferences)

Intelligence: Super Genius (Due to Immortality)

Destructive Capacity: Planet level (Base) | Universe+ level (Power was capable of going beyond a Single Universe) | Multiverse level (Power is Capable of grabbing on the Multiverse) | Likely Multiverse+ level

Range: Multiverse level (Power/Range) | likely Multiverse+ level

Stamina: Near Unlimited


Enerjak most known Weaknesses is the Sword of Acorns which can drain him of his chaos energy that allows him to stay in the physical world.

Powers and Abilities:

Signature Moves:

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