Powerscaling is the basic concept of ABC Logic within debates.

Example: A (Hal Jordan) who is a planet buster gets defeated by B (Superman) which means that B (Superman) is capable of destroying a planet just like A.


  • Powerscaling is the concept of "Beating" the opponent in combat by themselves.
  • Scaling based on "Group" effort will be automatically "Invalid" since we aren't scaling with multiple people and not one. (But attacks/durability feats from said group might be scaled so this is a double-edged sword and needs to be discussed first.)
  • Shared "feats" aren't truly scalable and are deemed as very vague in nature of both powers.
  • Equaling between both characters is not scaling more or less they are on the same level with one not being above the other. (Unless it changes during the fight.)

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